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Our company offers you consultation in the following fields: Business Architecture and Process Management as well as Payment, Organisational Development and Brand Management. This defined field of specialisation
serves as an optimal function of efficient service.

Architecture- and Process Management

Architektur- und Prozessmanagement

With our team of experts we offer consulting services in architecture and process management in order to create value added processes (or operating sequences), as well as the development of comprehensive business architectures. Tuned to the requirements of our customers we develop a regulatory framework, which serves as a base for the optimisation of the target development and also enables the flexible and successful operation in terms of market requirements.

As a reliable partner we can support you with the following service portfolio:

  • Development of holistic regulatory frameworks with a structured and procedural view ( > strategic development planning)
  • Development and implementation of procedural sets of methods ( > Process models and process governance)
  • Identification of standardisation approaches from a processual view
  • Selection and modelling of tested tools ( > as a centralised location “single point of truth”)
  • Business IT Alignment


We support you with the solution finding of the digitalisation of payment transactions, which are in a constant development in times of online shopping and smartphones.

Due to the further development of the electronical payment systems in future, chances could and will arise when integrating payments in processes, especially those processes that take place before and after the actual payment.

We support you in the following fields:

  • Development of innovations of payment transactions on the basis of existing technical infrastructure
  • Further development of payment transaction infrastructure

Organisational Development


Structures and processes need to harmonise with each other in order to reach the aimed goal with the least costs, by using the most effective and efficient existing personnel and material resources. Fast workflow, high flexibility due to continues changes in general regulations and a structured operational and organisational culture, are indicators of a successful organisation.

With the help of our team of experts in the organisational development field, we can perfectly accentuate the strengths of your employees in order to systematically improve the value of your company. We accompany you through the development of strategies and the implementation into everyday business life. In doing so, we constantly monitor the ability of the organisation to manage change, and support it where and whenever necessary.

Identification of weaknesses in the operational and organisational structure, Reorganisation, Staff demand analysis, Organisational documentation, Management development.

Brand Management


In order to achieve the business objectives, a unified corporate design – both internally and externally – combined with promotional and customer loyalty marketing measures, needs to be identified and followed.

In our brand consulting we accompany you from the new concept right to the actual implementation. The elements of our brand consulting are:

  • Definition of the self-perception and interpersonal perception
  • Brand strategy development
  • Brand positioning
  • Designing the brand representation
  • Creation of a brand story
  • Support with operative implementation
  • Web design

Project Management

Our team of experts offer methodical and personnel support for projects. Whether you need PMO employees (PMO Manager or Project Assistant), specific method support (e.g. with your Time and Cost Management or Resource Management) or Project Managers with different professional competences – we are there for you!

Project Manager


Our Project Managers are responsible for the management of efficient and effective projects, and the leading of a team corresponding to our company values. This concerns in particular the compliance of the agreed terms, the agreed quality, time and costs.

When implementing the projects, the focus of a Project Manager lays in the methodologically competent project management (classic and agile), the managing and motivation of project teams, as wells as the consequent decision and escalation management. Our Project Managers are holistically qualified due to various jobs in classic and agile projects. Their gained experiences and qualifications together with the attendance of trainings in soft skills, forms a basis for a successful implementation of your projects.

Areas of responsibility and competences of our Project Managers are: project preparation, structural planning, definition of milestones, resource planning, project management, change management, controlling, budget, costs, benefit analysis and quality management.



Our PMO-experts constitute the holistic project support during the whole project with highly qualified PMO-Managers and/or PMO-employees. The PMO is available for the project only and supports the Project Manager in all project management tasks that arise during the project:

  • Communication & Stakeholder-Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Time and Cost Management
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management and Monitoring
  • Quality Management

IT Solutions

From the relief of routine tasks right to the adoption of the entire responsibility for complex development projects – our IT Consultants and Developers will accompany you with corresponding know-how and the most modern technology in our Nearshore-Centres in Croatia and Albania or upon request directly on-site..



Our Nearshore-teams in Albania and Croatia support companies with the development of software. In doing so they emphasise on quality assurance with high test coverage right from the beginning of the project. The direct on-site cooperation of you and our technical Project Managers and the outsourcing of work packages for programming into our outsourcing centres, has proved to be particularly successful. The requirements are discussed and defined with our experts and executed with an appropriate team. After the start of the project you are able to delegate your requests and demands to a personal contact person.

In terms of software development you are supported in the following fields: individual software development, new web applications, new cloud applications, new models and features for product development, development of features or modules for existing applications, new releases or the modernisation of legacy applications.

Our skills include the following fields: Java Enterprise, spring and software development, cloud applications on vFabric stack.

Software development

Our experts support you cross-platform and vendor neutral. You can count on the competent support and methodical agile working method of our experts in all phases of the project – from the analysis of the current situation, the implementation and documentation right to the subsequent service and support.

  • Methodical analysis of the current situation considering the requirements of all interfaces
  • Detailed timetables and cost calculations for the implementation
  • Creation of fine concepts / project setups with agile methods
  • Implementation of the coordinated solution, structured test and detailed documentation
  • Integration of the created modules in a test environment and integration of operative employees of the customer


You are looking for the right employee? You would like to take the next step in your career or are looking
for a career change? Our experienced recruiting team is happy to support you.
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Our Mission


We see our task in the connection of different demands in a company: In the age of growing requirements and specialisations many companies are faced with a major challenge when it comes to finding suitable employees. At the same time, employees are looking to push their professional career. The optimal connection of these factors is very important when it comes to success and satisfaction on both sides, and should not be ignored.

Our experienced recruiting team will supports you with the search of the best suitable solution, independently from your branch. We have access to a wide network of companies and experts from Germany and Europe. Your wishes and requirements are in safe hands.

About us

Due to the diverse and long-standing projects of the responsible management in our company, we can offer a wide
pool of experience as a young and owner-managed consulting firm. Find out more about our values that
drive our mindset and approach towards customers.


Companies like ours that work for a third party should have a clear identity at one’s disposal. Values and ideas are to be represented clearly and a positioning on the market should also be visible. The description of our philosophy will
give you an impression to what we stand for, what drives us and how we approach our customers.

Unsere Philosophie

Unsere Philosophie

Whether sole proprietorship, middle class or concern sized – they all have one thing in common: They are led by people who master tasks with constantly new challenges. At this point it is our aim to stand next to you and help you overcome these challenges with our specific know-how and effective and determined support. When working together with our customers, we provide qualitative results that satisfy all stakeholders at the best.

Our employees are our most precious assets. They are the heart piece of every company and are responsible for the drive and progress like an engine. This is why we attach great importance to the mutual understanding between our customers and our employees.
Furthermore, we look out for loyalty and integrity. We are aware of the fact that only a happy team can satisfy our customers.

Our promise

Whether it’s a customer, a partner or employee – each one of them makes GLOBAL CT to what it has become today. Any type of critics makes us take action. Positive ones encourages us to continuously look out for more potential
improvements for our customers. Negative ones prevent a stagnation of a further development.

“Only satisfied employees achieve great performances and outstanding work results” Helping people
“I want a job that really suits me” A project selection that suits the qualifications and permanent trainings
“A friendly working environment is important to me” Open and regular exchange with the team.
„As an experienced consultant I can identify the individual needs of my customer straight away, and can analyses from which point we can support you.“ Providing excellence
“Many people are of the opinion that permanent fun can only be experienced in childhood or pension. I will ensure that you will experience pleasure at work during the years of childhood and pension.” Custom-fit recruiting as top priority
“I am looking for qualified experts who can quickly adapt to our workflow.” Excellent qualified employees from our international network.
“Leaving home, in order to find a new home though a new work environment…” Integrating skilled-workers from abroad in order to offer them to the German job market
“I was offered accurate solutions straight away.” Focussing on the success of the project.


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